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The concept

Neighbors Food

A new way of eating

Neighbors Food is a new way of eating for those who do not have the time or talents for cooking, nor the means to go to the restaurant often.
  • The process is easy : you register in two clicks on the website www.neighborsfood.ch, you order your meals and you will pick them up at the home of a "chef" either amateur or professional (restaurant). You can choose according to your geolocation the chefs nearby, or according to your desires of the moment (different types of kitchens).
  • Our chefs work mainly with fresh and seasonal products. All recipes are “homemade” and at very competitive prices.
  • Neighbors Food thus offers the possibility to each passionate of cooking, to share its specialties with curious and greedy people, who want at the same time to make beautiful encounters.
  • Neighbors Food is also sharing, conviviality , ecologic respect and beautiful discoveries.