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Our values

Neighbors Food is a new way of eating

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Why choose neighbors food ?

  • You want to eat a tasty food like once in the kitchen of our grandmothers, but you have neither the time nor the talent to cook, so just order dishes to your neighbors chefs amateurs or professionals on www.neighborsfood.ch, You will be surprised
  • You have invited friends or family for a meal at home, enjoy the culinary talents of your neighbors, order their meals, go get them at home and enjoy it.
  • Switzerland has many nationalities among its inhabitants and therefore many culinary specialties from the four corners of the world, so enjoy!
  • We ensure that the cost of this service remains reasonable so that you can order regularly.

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Neighbors Food
Fresh produce
Homemade cooking
Culinary cultures from the four corners of the world
Made of passion
A lot of conviviality
An experiment
Great moments
Good prices
Proximity so ecological
A community