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How to make good pictures ?

How to make good pictures ?

The picture represents what you are, and what you're giving to your Neighbors, then do not neglect it and take the time to realize fine visuals.
More the photo will be successful, more you will have chances to sell dishes to your neighbors.

Follow our advice

Some basic rules

  • Ideally, use a Reflex camera
  • If you do not have one, a smartphone of last generation will do the trick (Iphone 6 and +, Samsung Galaxy S5 and +, other equivalent models).
  • Make your pictures in a bright place (if possible naturally), but pay attention to over exposure.
  • Think of taking stock of your device or smartphone.
  • Do not use special effects, if the dishis successful, it will come out well.
  • Do not hesitate to make many photos, and ask your relatives the one that gives the most envy.
  • For an overview, do not hesitate to have fresh products in the kitchen, like fruit and vegetables .... The staging can be decisive for sales

Makeyour profile picture

  • Ideally choose one of your relatives to take you in action in your kitchen
  • Your kitchen must be clean and neat to inspire confidence
  • Use fruits and vegetables to bringcolor, and give a fresh appearance
  • Put on a clean apron
  • Get your most beautiful smile, be natural and let’s go

Make the photos of yourdishes

  • Your dish must be finished, and include colors
  • Use a neutral attitude where the content will contrast well
  • Place your dish on a table or a white table cloth, in the brightest place of the room (do not hesitate to move the table if necessary)
  • Be careful not to face the sun. In this case, the image may be over exposed
  • Watch out for shadows
  • Make the landscape (horizontal) photos taken on top
  • We must see the whole dish on the picture
  • Do not use special effects
  • Beware of finger prints or grease on the plate, the plate must be impeccable!

If you respect these points well, you put all the chances on your side. We buy what makes us want, and what we see
Do you feel ready to become a pro of the staging ?