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I wish to propose my cooking and increase my income
All you have to do is sign up online on our website, either as an Amateur Chef or as a Restaurant Chef, and fill in the information on the document that is displayed and attach the photos of yourself (one In your kitchen and the other of your face) and your culinary specialties. It is very simple !

When a neighbor places an order with Neighbors Food, the order will be validated by online payment. You will then receive an e-mail with the order, and the neighbor will automatically receive a confirmation of his order.

It is important, when you are registered to prepare dishes, to regularly check your mailbox.

Neighbors Food reserves the right to validate each Chef at the time of registration.
Do I have to travel to cook?
No, you do everything from home so you do not change your habits! And it is the neighbor who will come to get his order at home or at your door.
Does my registration on Neighbors Food require special skills and must meet regulatory requirements ?
You can prepare cooked dishes to take it with you either as a passionate Amateur Chef or as a Restaurant Chef. These are dishes that your friends or clients have loved, so we encourage Chefs to offer only their culinary specialties. No special degree required but talent and passion !

Exotic and foreign culinary specialties are strongly encouraged.

When you register, you will be able to print our hygiene brochure, as well as recommendations of good practice, which will bring you the necessary information regarding food hygiene. The validation of the understanding and acceptance of these rules is necessary to finalize your registration and thus become a chef for Neighbors Food.
Do I have to pay anything when I sign up for Neighbors Food ?
No it's free for Amateur Chefs !

For Chefs Restaurateurs, the contribution is Chf 100 per year but it is free in the first year for those who register after September 30th, 2017. Neighbors Food reverses the amount of sales less its commission of 15%.
Can I offer dishes only for the evening and only a few days a week ?
Yes you have the possibility to register on Neighbors Food to check midday and / or evening and also some days of the week and / or weekend.
How much time do I have between the customer's order and the time he picks up his order from me ?
A minimum of 24 hours must be allowed for the cook to have time to organize, to shop, to prepare ... if the order is for Sunday or Monday then the time limit goes to 48 hours because of the shops closed on Sunday.
How do I fix the price of my dishes ?
You are free to fix the price of your dishes, while keeping prices attractive.

We frame the prices, and recommended prices can be found in the general conditions:

For appetizers, dishes and desserts that do not show up individually (eg a stew dish) then you count how many servings there are and then multiply the portions by the above unit price according to whether it is' Is a starter, a dish or a dessert (in this case take the lowest fork). If it is a strawberry tart, for example, the price will necessarily be less, you have to note a total price that is reasonable compared to a strawberry tart that would be bought from a pastry.

During the holidays and for gastronomic services, you will be able to offer specialties at a higher price.

Do not forget, however, that the more attractive your rates will be, the more orders you will receive because your success will be passed on word-of-mouth.

The prices of sales will be to inform you directly on the website when you enter the information and the photo of your dishes. Then Neighbors Food will validate the appetizers, dishes and desserts as well as the prices, it will be able to ask before to taste some dishes for free.
When, how and how much will I be paid on orders ?
Neighbors Food makes a bank transfer for all orders paid by the neighboring consumer on the Neighbors Food site.
The Neighbors Food commission of 15% will be deducted before this transfer.
I'm not sure I'm always available
You can note your availability on the calendar that appears then you must respect them.
We have already ordered the number of dishes that I am able to prepare, and I can not do more
When registering your dish, you enter the number of servings you are able to make.
A count is made at each order, and once the maximum number of dishes is reached, it is no longer possible to order.
My suggestions are vegetarian / vegan etc.
You can indicate this by ticking the appropriate box. It will then fall into an appropriate category and will be filtered according to the requests of the neighbors.
I would like to add more information on my preparation (eg to heat in the oven at 160 ° C for 10 minutes):
You have the possibility to mention this information when you enter the information on the internet platform.
It will also be important to announce it when the neighbor comes to withdraw his order.
Do I have to report this income ?
As Chef Restaurateur, you are of course bound to declare these additional income and to pay your VAT.

For Amateur Chefs, these are net prices without VAT (up to Chf 100'000 of annual turnover) but as these are income, they must appear on your tax return.
Am I insured for these sales ?
In case of any problem or food poisoning, you must have insurance, in general the civil liability insurance is sufficient but each Amateur Chef must first inquire with his insurer. Neighbors Food is in no way responsible for any conflicts and damages between the consumer and the Chef because it acts as an intermediary between the parties and has only an information role.
What to do if customers do not pick up their order ?
Rest assured, this almost never happens for the good reason that the customer has already paid. In this case you will be compensated anyway and you will see with the customer if you want to cook again the dishes ordered and offer it for another day.
How do I welcome my clients?
We suggest you welcome your customers in your kitchen, offering them a drink if the customer has the time, while finishing packing the food or giving him the dishes on the door step if he is in a hurry.
How to pack prepared meals
Containers for dishes are to be provided by the chef. No specific containers are required by Neighbors Food, however, containers that are convenient to carry and / or heat up must be found.

You will find the appropriate containers at your local merchants.
Will I be noted for the quality of my dishes ?
Yes it is the principle of transparency at Neighbors Food, we offer the possibility to neighbors who ordered Neighbors Food to rate the service on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. They can also write a comment. The Chief will also have the opportunity to respond to comments.

These comments are systematically validated by us to ensure that they are not wacky or defamatory.
So each neighbor who wants to order specialties can get an idea about the quality of your dishes.
If my question is not on that list ?
Simply send us an e-mail at contact@neighborsfood.ch